Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Little joys

Last week I had one of those moments that you know will stay with you, and more importantly with the people you were with, for a very long time. On Saturday I had the joy and God given privilege to take my oldest nephew to see his favorite band--Switchfoot. My friend is handicapped and she asked me at the last minute if I would mind taking her to see the show. She had a friend that had a pair of tickets that wasn't able to go (the show was completely sold out). I told her that I could never go with out Reuben because he would fall over dead if I did. We tried franticly to find another ticket for him, but nothing turned up. Then at the last minute, we find one lonely ticket and he was able to go with us. It was perfect! He was so excited and had so much fun. They even played his favorite song. Then, we ran into our pastor (Jon and Tim's dad) and he was so excited to see Reuben there and he gave us his backstage pass! It was so fun to see Reuben light up as he got to talk to all the guys and get them to sign his t-shirt. This boy has had to bear so much in his short life and it made my heart break with joy to see him get to experience something special just for him. To me it had God all over it. It was way to orchestrated to be chance. The coolest part is that I think Reuben knew that too. It wasn't even that they're famous. It was just moment in time. A gift from a loving God to a boy that He hasn't forgotten. We all need to feel special every once in a while--he earned it.