Wednesday, September 07, 2005


I don't really hate it all that much. At this moment in time, I want to burn my text book though. I just had my first test. I think I did okay, but I kept second guessing my self--which almost always leads to my ruin. I really don't like Trig and that's the real problem here. AHHGG! When am I ever going to use trig to diagnose patients or stich wounds? "Well I think I will use and angle of Sin1/2 for this insition." I know the reasons why we are subjected to this torture, I just am mad about math right now.


Blogger Akshay said...

hey. you visited my blog so i thought i'd visit yours. nice poem. any reference to bruce springsteen's song from jerry maguire? i ask because thats one of my favorite movies. anywayz, i hope you exorcise your calculus demons and do well on yr tests. that way every time you're about to perform surgery on someone, in the midst of all their anxiety, they can take comfort in this one thought - "at least she aced her trig exam."

8:45 AM  
Blogger DrLeah said...

Thanks. I never thought of the how the poem is a lot like the song from Jerry Maguire. I LOVE that movie and that song. I cried like a baby when he came back for her! I was actually asking the Lord why things are the way there are. Here I am 23, never been on a date, never been kissed. Mostly I like that and am proud of it, but our society says that something must be really wrong with me. I didn't really believe that, but that poem was the Lords answer to me about the issue. That the reason why there aren't suitors lined up at the front door is because of Him. It was His grace for me and because He loves me, not because I am defective. As for the Caculus demonds, I think that I have them sufficiently at bay. Your comment made me laugh. :)

9:50 AM  

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