Thursday, September 01, 2005

Here it goes...

Lost and Found at Sea

Waves crash down
The pain is all around
Swallowed by this sea
Water fills my lungs, my heart

This sea of pain tosses me around
Swirling, twirling, spinning, falling
There is no top, no bottom
I can't catch my breath
No rest anywhere to be found

Then I feel you so tight around me
Holding me, steadying me
Giving me sense of direction again
You whisper softly and I turn to you
Now the sea is only a rain
The rain of my tears you wipe away

Now in the safty of your arms I am found
Once again I stand on solid ground
I offer you the broken pieces of my heart
Calm and peace are finally found

---Leah Blake

I wrote this specifically about my sister, but it is a broader picture of the Lord's relationship to me. He has never left me during a time of crisis. He has always been faithful to hold on to me when my world is spinning out of control and the pain is too much to bear. He is my rock and my fortress. He is my truest friend and the only one who can confort me at times. If I only turn to Him--turn to Him with all of it, all of who I am, all the frustration, hurt, disapointment, whatever, He is so faithful. It blows my mind that He loves us so much.


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